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You Have to See Joy Behar Tell Van Jones to ‘Take a Nap’ on The View

Joy Behar was not here for Van Jones’s tone on Friday’s episode of The View. Never the ones to pull punches, hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro-Cárdenas asked Jones, who was on to promote a new documentary, The Reunited States, about his Donald Trump connections, taking photos with Candace Owens, and losing trust within the Black community. He gets more defensive in each segment, rambling until Behar gleefully has to cut him off and go to commercial. “Oh, we’re back, you’re finished?” she looks back up when she notices dead air where his voice used to be. “We’ll have more with Van Jones when we come back.” That’s the kind of shade you can throw after decades of comedy and TV hosting. At the end of the next segment, she matched his energy in apathy, yet again. “You’re gonna have to take it outside,” she interrupts his justification for being friendly with Candace Owens, unable to contain her laughter. “Thanks to Van Jones. The Reunited States will be streaming and on demand starting February 9. For more information on the documentary and for resources on how to foster these conversations in your own community, you can visit our website. Van, take a nap.”

You Have to See Joy Behar Tell Van Jones to ‘Take a Nap’