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Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Loved ‘Black Jeopardy’

Photo: Will Heath/NBC

What is … wholesome? On today’s episode of Hot Ones, host Sean Evans asked Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson about his brief interaction with Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek at the 2019 NHL Awards. In between bites, Thompson said Trebek immediately complimented him on the “Black JeopardySNL sketch, commending him for doing a successful Jeopardy! parody after Will Ferrell’s iconic impersonation. “He was patting me on the back about that, but I was patting him on the back for probably being one of the smartest people in the world,” Thompson said. “Because it seems like he knows the answer to all of those Jeopardy questions. He has a way of responding to each question like, ‘No, of course, it’s this, and that, and the other, because I read this book or I’ve known about this historic town in Rome.’ You know what I’m saying? He was incredible.”

Photo: Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

During the episode, Thompson also discussed his first week at SNL, where Tracy Morgan drove him around the block for lunch at TGI Friday’s, and a sketch he was desperate to do with Bruno Mars called “Active Jack” that ended up being played by Kevin Hart. Plus, Thompson handled the spice pretty well, even going back for seconds on the last sauce. Watch the full episode below:

Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Loved ‘Black Jeopardy’