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Just As Planned, Marvel Releases ‘Agatha All Along’ Song From WandaVision

Photo: WireImage

Last week’s episode of WandaVision featured a theme song so delightful, so charming, and so criminally catchy that it could only have been a part of Marvel’s masterplan to dominate the Billboard charts. “Agatha All Along,” from the episode-seven soundtrack of WandaVision, is now available for listening on Spotify. The song, which was written by Frozen’s Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, has gone semi-viral since its premiere last Friday, spawning remixes, covers, and a fair number of memes. The context of the song in WandaVision (spoilers ahead), involves the reveal of Agnes (played by the incomparable Kathryn Hahn) as the season’s villain, Agatha Harkness. According to Anderson-Lopez, Hahn herself, along with Robert Lopez, did vocals for the track, making it the perfect anthem for all those observing the Hahnaissance.

Just As Planned, Marvel Releases ‘Agatha All Along’ Song