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Kate Winslet Joins HBO’s Sad-Detective Canon in the Mare of Easttown Trailer

HBO continues to fulfill its murder quota with the first trailer for Mare of Easttown, in which Kate Winslet plays an eternally gloomy detective who’s pretty much the female Pistol Pete of her small Pennsylvania town: She’s still adored for her buzzer-winning shot during a championship basketball game but, decades later, doesn’t seem to garner much respect when it comes to her family or her job. (Jean Smart as her mom? Very good casting.) Things begin to shift, though, when she has to investigate a murder in a creek, which sends shockwaves through the community. “Doing something great is overrated,” Mare explains in the trailer. “Some people expect that of you all the time.” The seven-part miniseries will premiere on HBO Max on April 18.

Mare of Easttown Trailer: Kate Winslet Is a Sad Detective