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Please Make Beverly Jackfruit and François Jean-Rudy the HFPA’s New Black Members

It’s abundantly clear that the HFPA and the Golden Globes have a bit of a race problem, but the 78th annual Golden Globes at least offered a temporary solution: Beverly Jackfruit and François Jean-Rudy. On the Los Angeles side of the ceremony, SNL icons Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson hilariously “accepted” the “award” for “Least Original Song in a Telefilm, Dramedy or Comma” (yes, comma) as the aforementioned Jackfruit and Jean-Rudy, and boy do they seem to fit right in with the HFPA. To start, they’re definitely foreign, as Thompson had no problem kissing host Amy Poehler right on the lips, COVID-19 be damned, when coming up on the stage to accept the award, while Rudolph very gingerly touched Poehler’s breast and then handed her three (3) shoes. They also were very clearly thrilled to be there, having “won” for their “theme song” for The Trial of the Chicago 7. “The seven of us / making friends / we may look different / but we all talk the same,” sing the pair, absolutely spoiling the plot of the film while also lightly dragging Ms. Aaron Sorkin in the process. While it’s not clear whether Jackfruit and Jean-Rudy are siblings or dating, what is clear is that they both need to be members of the HFPA, like, yesterday.

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Let Beverly Jackfruit and François Jean-Rudy Join the HFPA