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Metallica Plays Us Out of the Super Bowl With ‘Enter Sandman’

Metallica’s menacing “Enter Sandman” has had a life of its own in the sports world, a favorite musical cue everywhere from high-school JV games to Virginia Tech. Fittingly, Stephen Colbert had the whiskey connoisseurs themselves as the musical guests on his post–Super Bowl Late Show, and they pulled out that classic to play out the big game. It had all you could want from Metallica packed into five minutes: James Hetfield’s trademark snarl, a ripping Kirk Hammett solo, and Lars Ulrich struggling to sit still behind the drums, all in front of a wall of speakers bearing designs from past Metallica tours. “You see?!” Colbert exclaimed after the performance. “They bring it!”

Metallica Plays the Super Bowl Out With ‘Enter Sandman’