MGM Bets You’ll Love a Movie About the Whole GameStop Stock Pandemonium

Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

You already know about, and completely understand, last week’s GameStop stock market fiasco, so we’re not going to bother to explain it all again to you now. (Just kidding, we wouldn’t do you like that; here’s a lengthy explainer.) While you might still be wrapping your mind around the whole “TL;DR the stock market isn’t real per se” of it all, MGM is already ready to roll the dice on a film about the Reddit versus Wall Street debacle. According to Deadline, the studio is reportedly developing a project based on a forthcoming book from author Ben Mezrich, having bought the rights to his proposal for the tome, titled The Antisocial Network.

If that seems like a super-tight turnaround on buying the rights to an as-yet unwritten book, well, Mezrich’s 2009 tome The Accidental Billionaires was memorably adapted into 2010’s Academy Award–winning drama The Social Network, directed by David Fincher and written for the screen by Aaron Sorkin. His 2003 book Bringing Down the House was similarly adapted into 2008’s 21; both the film and the book dive into the world of card counting, another complicated topic we completely understand and could explain, if you didn’t know everything there is to know about that already.

MGM Bets You’ll Love a Movie About the GameStop Stock Chaos