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Savor the Adorable Waffles + Mochi Trailer, Starring Michelle Obama

At this point in the pandemic, maybe Michelle Obama will finally inspire you to learn how to cook. In her new show, Waffles + Mochi, Obama breaks it down for puppets dreaming of becoming chefs extraordinaire. Waffles is a blue puppet with her namesake breakfast sticking out of fuzzy white hair, and her pal Mochi is a smiling little pink rice cake. Okay, fine, we’ll worship you. Throughout the series, Obama, Waffles, and Mochi travel across the world meeting famous chefs like Samin Nosrat and José Andrés, and, of course, eating delicious food. “Wow!” Waffles says while dining in Italy. “It’s like a rainbow in my mouth!” The show also features guest stars from across the Netflix universe, like Rashida Jones, Tan France, Zach Galifianakis, and Gaten Matarazzo, as well as Jack Black, Sia, Common, and Mandy Moore. The former First Lady makes her series debut as part of her and her husband’s, former president Barack Obama, producing deal with the streaming service. We’ve seen Michelle Obama’s passion for sweet potatoes, now she’ll have us all eating good when Waffles + Mochi drops March 16.

Savor the Waffles + Mochi Trailer, Starring Michelle Obama