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Nick Jonas’s New Song ‘Spaceman’ Sure Sounds Like It’s About COVID

Photo: Mariano Regidor/Redferns/Getty Images

Right on cue to promote on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live and his upcoming return to The Voice, Nick Jonas released a new single, “Spaceman.” No, it’s not a cover of the undeniably fantastic Killers song — it’s the first offering from Jonas’s album of the same name, set to debut on March 12. And it sure sounds like it’s about the COVID-19 pandemic. “The numbers are high, but we keep goin’ down / ’Cause we ain’t supposed to live with nobody around,” Jonas sings in the first pre-chorus. The second verse is a bit more explicit: “Mask off minute I get home / All safe now that I’m alone / Almost like a spaceman.” Get it? Because astronauts wear masks too! “‘Spaceman’ came into my mind because I was thinking, ‘What’s the one thing that all of us have felt during this time?’ It’s just completely disconnected from the world,” he explained to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “We’ve gotten so accustomed to looking at a screen instead of human interaction, and I think the thing that keeps us all encouraged and hopeful is just the idea of knowing that there will be a tomorrow when this isn’t our reality, and I think the body of work as a whole tracks that.” Sounds like a quarantine album if we’ve ever heard one.

Wait, Is Nick Jonas’s New Song ‘Spaceman’ About COVID?