Pink’s New Song With Her Daughter Is the Wholesome Content You Need

Pink’s latest big-time collaborator? None other than her 9-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart. The pop hitmaker released new song “Cover Me in Sunshine” with Willow — now on her way to becoming a hitmaker in her own right. Pink first debuted the song when she joined TikTok on Monday, February 8, with a clip of Willow singing the chorus a cappella. By Wednesday, she had plans to release the full song and a video; now, it’s here, with some bright and warm harmonies between mother and child to get you through the end of the week. The song comes ten months after Pink revealed she and her 3-year-old son had COVID-19, and donated $1 million to pandemic aid afterward. “This past year has been so many things for us. Sad, lonely, scary, yes. It’s also been quiet, reflective and a great teacher,” Pink said in a statement. “Willow and I find comfort in music, so we’re putting this song out for no other reason than that we hope it brings you sweetness, sunshine and comfort, too.” And now we’re hoping Pink eventually brings us more Willow collabs.

Pink’s New Song With Her Daughter Is So Wholesome