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Rachel Lindsay Disables Her Instagram After ‘Hate’ and ‘Harassing’ From Bachelor Fans

Photo: FilmMagic

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has disabled her Instagram account after receiving “all kinds of rude, hateful things” from certain members of Bachelor Nation, following Chris Harrison’s February 13 announcement that he was taking leave from hosting The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Harrison had defended the past racist posts and behavior of current Bachelor contestant Rachel Kirkconnell in an interview with Lindsay for Extra, and Lindsay has since said about the interview that “I don’t feel bad that the way he’s feeling was brought to light.” Lindsay has also criticized Kirkconnell’s ensuing attempts at anti-racist efforts and apologies as “vapid.”

On February 26, Lindsay’s Higher Learning podcast co-host Van Lathan posted a video in which he explains that Lindsay disabled her Instagram that day “because that’s how much hate she’s getting from Bachelor fans, who are spamming her with all kinds of rude, hateful things.” Lathan continues his statement of support, saying, “Rachel is not responsible for Chris Harrison, a 49-year-old man who can’t read the room in these present, 2021 times. She’s not responsible for that. It’s not her job to make excuses or provide cover for somebody who doesn’t understand what the fuck triggers people in today’s world. It’s not. You’re going after the wrong person.”

Rachel Lindsay Disabled Her Instagram After Receiving ‘Hate’