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Shelley, the Artist Formerly Known As DRAM, Returns With New Song ‘Exposure’

That’s Shelley to you. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Remember “Broccoli,” one of 2016’s most undeniably fun hits? Remember the singer behind it, DRAM, who’s worked with everyone from Chance the Rapper to Erykah Badu to Gorillaz? Well, that’s Shelley to you now. The artist formerly known as DRAM is back, releasing his first new music in years under his birth name, Shelley. But he’s still got that same soulful, smooth voice on new song “Exposure,” a classic R&B slow jam. Shelley released one album as DRAM, Big Baby DRAM, in 2016; he continued to release features and singles afterward, along with the surprise 2018 EP That’s a Girls Name. “After the release of my debut album, Big Baby DRAM, I’ve worked on so many things, but most importantly I was working on me,” Shelley said in a statement on “Exposure” and his name change. “I was moving with no breaks, because that’s how life was coming to me, so I took some time to focus on my health, voice, and growth; focus on me. Now it’s time for everyone to meet me: Shelley.”

Shelley, the Artist Formerly Known As DRAM, Drops ‘Exposure’