Regé-Jean Page Considers Changing His Name in SNL Promo With Bad Bunny

Just when you were starting to get used to the name Regé-Jean Page, he’s gone and changed it. The dashing Bridgerton star is hosting Saturday Night Live on February 20 with musical guest Bad Bunny, and from the looks of it it, Bad Bunny really left an impression. In the promo for this week’s episode, Regé-Jean Page projects sex appeal despite rocking the double mask, which obviously only makes him hotter. We stan a best COVID practices king. He introduces himself and Bad Bunny, before SNL cast member Melissa Villaseñor pipes in and proclaims that she’s “gonna go by Bad Melissa now.” Page follows suit with the name change, but opts to adopt the musical guest’s last name instead of his first. When asked if he was going to change his name, Bad Bunny says, “Bad Bunny is already cool, so I’m gonna keep it.” And you know what? He’s right and Page knows it. “That’s fair,” Regé-Jean Page says, deferring to the infinite trove of cool that is Bad Bunny. Oh, did we say Regé-Jean Page? Excuse us, we meant Regé-Jean Bunny.

Regé-Jean Page Changes His Name in SNL Promo With Bad Bunny