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Finally, Celebs Have Learned That They Must Stand for the Zoom Red Carpet

Photo: E!

God bless whatever celebrity stylist realized that the only way the viewers at home can see the outfits is if the celebs stands up for the interview. On the red carpet leading up to the 78th Golden Globes, three savvy actresses knew better than to sit down for their “red carpet” interviews, which are effectively just mini Zoom meetings. Laverne Cox, Kate Hudson, and Academy Award winner Regina King were standing up ahead of the award show, showing off all the glamour that is unfortunately confined to their various homes.

On E! Live From the Red Carpet, Laverne Cox stunned in a red, witch-sleeved dress while rocking some Princess Leia style braids. We’d never get to see the drama of the sleeves if she were sitting on a couch!

Music star Kate Hudson learned a thing of two after her NBC interview and chose to stand during her E! Live From the Red Carpet interview, showing off her shoulder-less black-and-white ensemble.

And standing a little left of center, Regina King let audiences at home take in her gorgeous, one-shoulder black-and-white dress, as well as her sleeping pup, who obviously deserved center stage.

Hopefully, by the time the next award show rolls around, take a page out of their books more and get off their couches for the red-carpet interviews. What’s the point if we can’t see the whole outfit?

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Celebs Have Learned They Must Stand for the Zoom Red Carpet