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Sabrina Carpenter Drops ‘Skin’ Music Video, and It’s Not Subtle

Photo: Sabrina Carpenter/YouTube

For someone who doesn’t let drama get “under her skin,” it sure seems like something itchy is happening to Sabrina Carpenter. The singer just dropped the video for her song “Skin,” largely seen as a response to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.” The video is rife with references to her alleged love triangle with Joshua Bassett and Rodrigo — it not only features a Bassett look-alike but a literal car. Carpenter and Josh 2.0 kiss in bed during a snowstorm, eat dinner together, and dance in the living room as something (perhaps … the drama?) threatens to knock the house down. Then we see Carpenter sitting atop the aforementioned car as she sings in the rain. Maybe it’s because she also just got her driver’s license. If you want to further decode all the references in the video, watch below:

Correction: This article previously misstated the date Carpenter received her driver’s license.

Sabrina Carpenter Dropped ‘Skin’ Video, and It’s Not Subtle