Bridgerton’s Intimacy Coordinators Probably Could’ve Prepped a Little Better on SNL

If there’s any on-set job you’d want to be thoroughly prepared for, it’s all of them, but “intimacy coordinator” has got to be near the top of the list. During Saturday Night Live’s spoof of Bridgerton’s beloved sex scenes, host Regé-Jean Page revisited his role as Duke Simon, while his co-star Phoebe Dynevor (Chloe Fineman) portrays Daphne, with help from Mikey Day and Pete Davidson’s uncle-and-nephew SFX pros-turned- intimacy coordinators, Richie and Randy.

And while the classic uncle and nephew pairing might have worked perfectly for, say, LMFAO, the duo could have benefited from actually knowing the Netflix series at all. “Didn’t read it. Seems like a girl’s show to me,” Randy says of the episode’s script. Explains Richie, “We get the gist. You two are brother and sister, you’re banging each other. Good stuff.”

Nope, that’s probably Game of Thrones they’re thinking of. All and all, there’s not a ton of room for intimacy coordinators to think outside the box, but Richie and Randy have a few surprises up their (beav) sleeves nonetheless. For example, they’re also the production’s substitute make-up artists. “Who’s looking patchy?,” Davidson’s Randy inquires. “We’ve got a bag of fake pubes here.”

Bridgerton Intimacy Coordinator Could’ve Prepped More on SNL