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Two Was Company When Suzanne Somers Noticed a Home Intruder During a Livestream

Photo: Suzanne Somers/Facebook

Can’t Suzanne Somers promote her line of organic makeup in peace? The former sitcom star was streaming on Facebook Live Friday when she noticed someone had walked into her home (around 40:45 into the stream). So she invited the confused intruder closer to explain himself, as one does. “I’m sorry, I was slightly terrified over there,” he said, explaining that he’d been hiking and had a run-in with some goats. “You shouldn’t be here,” a bewildered-but-calm Somers explained to the equally confused hiker. “And we’re doing a show right now,” she added. Not during the show! The hiker tried to offer Somers some “special mud” as a gift, but she politely declined (although it probably would’ve fit right in with the rest of her cosmetics line). Somers’s husband, Alan Hamel, eventually escorted the man away, leaving Somers shaken up — and with a livestream to finish. “Well, you just, we all experienced something together,” she said. She tried to get back to talking about her caramelized peach lipstick, but eventually cut the show short, apologizing to viewers. “Well that’s um, what do they call it, coitus interruptus!” Somers added.

Somers later appeared on Good Morning America on Sunday to wear some wonderful furs and give more detail on the incident. “As he got closer, I realized: He doesn’t have a shirt on!” she explained. “And he also has flip-flops on. And he’s not my friend!” Afterward, she added, she poured herself a glass of tequila.

Suzanne Somers Noticed a Home Intruder During a Livestream