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SZA Fans, Desperate for New Music, Made an Unreleased Track Go Viral

Singer, songwriter, soul healer SZA. Photo: SZA/TikTok

Another social-media platform, another place to bully musicians into releasing music. SZA fans are giving her the motivation to release new music by making unreleased snippets go viral on TikTok. After crying to her debut album, CTRL, for the past three years, while also crying for its follow-up, her fans are so desperate they’re starting trends with clips she posted on her Instagram Story. “Jus to keep y’all up to date w me my only priorities rn are Finalizing GOOD DAYS mv and shirt,” she tweeted at the end of January, referring to the upcoming music video for another song fans begged her to drop, “Good Days.”

The unnamed track, dubbed “Shirt” by fans, is reportedly produced by Darkchild, the artist behind everyone from the Spice Girls to Beyoncé to Lady Gaga. A YouTube video that loops the “Shirt” clips until it resembles a full song has over 1.3 million views. On TikTok, over 1.3 million videos have used the audio, many of them doing a dance by a 17-year-old dancer named Brandon (@bgottfanns). Last December, he posted a groovy, booty-popping dance so soulful we’d believe he was freestyling. It immediately caught on; SZA tried it herself less than five days later, now earning over 5.8 million likes.

By mid-January, the dance was spinning off into other jokes … and SZA still hasn’t dropped the song. Fans are also still waiting for the “Good Days” video, which she’s been teasing this week. Sigh. Pass the time with the best of SZA’s “Shirt” on TikTok.

The original. The undeniable. No one can do it better, but they’re desperate to try. Pretty sure said “bloodstain” is from him killing this.

James Charles commented “omfg,” so I think that means it’s okay to laugh at this. It’s the hands!

Lizzo has never encountered a dance challenge she didn’t body.

He hit it in slo-mo so we could get a good look. That’s called philanthropy.

“That one guy from Cobra Kai” put a literal spin on it.

If you don’t know the TikTok this is referencing, you’ve missed a prerequisite. Go back and lose some brain cells to the #CorvetteChallenge.

How Desperate SZA Fans Made an Unreleased Track Go Viral