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Travis Scott Busts Out a Verse on Erica Banks’s ‘Buss It’ Remix

We hope you’re knees are feeling limber because TikTok’s #BussItChallenge isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On Wednesday, Texas rapper Erica Banks dropped a new remix of her mega-viral hit “Buss It” featuring Astroworld rapper Travis Scott. Banks’s “Buss It” remix still begins with and heavily features a chopped and screwed sample of Nelly’s classic line, “Checking your reflection and tellin’ your best friend, ‘Girl, I think my butt getting big,” from his 90s single “Hot In “Hot in Herre.” But now instead of Banks jumping in when the beat drops, Stormi’s daddy hops in and spits out a verse that references our fluctuating market. “Bust it, pop it, lock it, drop it (Yeah) / We goin’ up like the stock is / Outside and inside the Lambo’ is chocolate (It’s lit) / Throw it (Woah), watch it (Yeah), cake it (Yeah), profit,” he raps. Clearly someone’s invested in the stonk market. Check out Erica Banks’s “Buss It” remix featuring Travis Scott and go sicko mode on the #BussItChallenge. It’s lit.

Travis Scott Joins Erica Banks on ‘Buss It’ Remix