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YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams, a.k.a. TwinsthenewTrend, Absolutely Loved Their SNL Sketch

What’s the only thing funnier than watching a Saturday Night Live sketch parodying YouTubers whose videos are dedicated to capturing their reaction listening to music for the first time? Watching those same YouTubers watch the SNL sketch parodying their YouTube videos on their YouTube channel. If you followed that, then you’ve probably already seen the Weekend Update sketch where Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd’s impersonate vlogger twins Tim and Fred Williams, aka TwinsthenewTrend, from the Dan Levy–hosted SNL episode that aired on February 6.

The real Tim and Fred Williams took to their YouTube channel and treated their 787,000 subscribers to a video of them reacting to the SNL sketch, and boy was it a treat. As Thompson and Redd circled through the Friends theme song and “Baby Shark,” Tim and Fred laughed away amazed that people would take time out of their day to impersonate them. “Just to take the time out of your day to try to be like us? Brother, that’s crazy,” said Tim to an equally appreciative Fred. As for the Friends theme song and “Baby Shark,” TwinsthenewTrend went 1/2. “Was that the 70s show?” asked Tim. Fred wasn’t sure, but knew that whatever it was, it was “an old, old show,” effectively dragging us all. But rest assured, the twins know “Baby Shark.” “We know that, we know that. Y’all got it wrong,” said Tim, before Fred’s mind was blown after hearing that Baby Shark has over 8 billion views on Youtube. “That’s everybody in the world,” Fred accurately remarked, blowing my mind. Watch TwinsthenewTrend watch Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd do them justice on SNL and have a meta-induced laugh riot.

YouTubers TwinsthenewTrend Absolutely Loved Their SNL Sketch