SNL’s Live-Action Gru Isn’t Real and He Can’t Hurt You

On last night’s Saturday Night Live, host Dan Levy fit right in, even breaking out a character that we’d like to see become a recurring sort of thing. That character is Thoby, the Universal Studios Backlot tram tour trainee whose name is pronounced with a hard “th” and who absolutely has no business speaking into a headset at a family attraction. As driver Ego Nwodim and tram host Mikey Day take tourists (Kenan Thompson, Andrew Dismukes) on a tour of prop vehicles from Hollywood classics, over-caffeinated Thoby chimes in with increasingly inappropriate ad libs, like his fan theory about Back to the Future, that “Doc basically like ‘groomed’ Marty,” or confessing that Wayne Knight as Newman from Seinfeld is his go-to boner softener. Speaking of frightening mental images, the visual gag highlight of the sketch is Bowen Yang as an actor-slash-Thoby’s frenemy, playing Gru from Despicable Me. Let this be proof that not every animated movie has to have a live-action remake.

SNL’s Live Action Gru Isn’t Real and He Can’t Hurt You