Hot Damn! SNL Did the Football Song We Definitely All Know and Love

If Cecily Strong isn’t singing and dancing, Saturday Night Live isn’t doing its job. Last night, SNL found its most contrived-in-a-good-way excuse yet to let her belt. In a sketch set in a bar where the TV set is broken during the Super Bowl, bartenders Strong and Dan Levy suggest doing something else to pass the time, like singing “football songs.” What are football songs, you ask? They’re little pigskin-themed ditties that the bartenders insist the patrons already know, like a convoluted show tune called “Hot Damn.” There’s choreography involved, and hand gestures, and a “tap dance” behind the bar. There are lyrics about scoring the winning goal through the football hole, and one that goes, “if I don’t get a touchback right now, I’ll touch your back in the caaaar.” The patrons (Ego Nwodim, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, and Kenan Thompson) are bewildered by this bizarre song, until they realize they do recognize it after all. The joke will really be on us next year, when “Hot Damn” becomes the official NFL anthem.

Hot Damn! SNL Did a Football Song We All Know and Love