Flo Milli Welcomes Us to Her ‘Roaring 20s’ in New Music Video

For those hoping for a ’20s-style Harlem Renaissance to magically appear this year, look no further than Flo Milli’s latest music video. On Wednesday February 4, the “Weak” rapper dropped the video for her latest single “Roaring 20s” and it’s very much of the Prohibition Era. Like Gwen Stefani and Eve before her, Flo Milli’s “Roaring 20s” is built around the classic show tune “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof. Okay, the taste jumped out. When the song dropped on January 15, Flo Milli said she felt inspired by her own Roaring ’20s, having been born in 2000 and breaking through in the music scene in 2020. “Born in 2000, and having my breakout year in 2020, I feel like I’m living in the new age of the Roaring Twenties,” said Milli in her press release. The video features Flo Milli leaning into her 20s decked out in her flapper-girl best, starting the video in black-and-white before transitioning to Technicolor, turning heads and (literally) causing various men’s eyeballs to pop out of their skulls due to her sick flow and incredible moves. Anyone thinking of writing a Great Gatsby–inspired work of art now that it’s in the public domain can stop now, Flo Milli’s already got it covered.

Flo Milli Welcomes Us to Her ‘Roaring 20s’ in New Music Vid