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If You Don’t Make Florence Pugh’s Tzatziki, Are You Even a Cinephile?

Florence Pugh brought her charismatic actor abilities to Instagram for another episode of everyone’s favorite cooking show, “Cooking with Flo.” Here, she shows off a beautiful nub of cuke. Photo: Florence Pugh/Instagram

Florence Pugh wants you to use the full-fat yogurt. “I’ll be angry if you don’t use full fat. This is not the time to diet,” she says. She pronounces it “yaw-git,” adorably, because she’s British. The Don’t Worry Darling actress wants you to make tzatziki, and dance with your tzatziki, and put your tzatziki on as many things as you possibly can, because that’s what she’s been doing. The artist formerly known as Flossie Rose returned to Instagram stories on February 19 for another edition of her irregularly scheduled cooking series, “Cooking With Flo.” Past episodes have included Pugh making a Sunday roast, pizza dough, noodles, “scrap ratatouille,” and, in a move that could either be seen as coming for Paddington’s gig or simply throwing her name in the ring for Paddington 3, marmalade. Last night, though, was all about tzatziki.

Tzatziki is Pugh’s “favorite dip,” and she served a bowl of it along with some good music and generally nice vibes on her Instagram stories. She takes you through the recipe, step by step: Pot of Greek yogurt, salt and pepper to taste, grate in some cucumber and garlic while minding your nails and fingertips. “If you don’t like garlic, then only add one clove. If you love garlic, then add three, as I just did, secretly,” she sagely informs. Pugh’s sporadic “cooking shows” are an Instagram tradition that began in early lockdown, and they rival Stanley Tucci’s cocktails and Jennifer Garner’s whole deal for most delightful kitchen-based social media series by an actor. It is a soothing salve compared to the larger drama in the food media world, exemplified by the Bon Appétit/Reply All meltdown. If this is the creative output that Florence Pugh is able to make while Don’t Worry Darling filming is paused due to COVID on set … we’re not mad it’s paused.

Florence Pugh Will Show You How to Make Tzatziki