Kate McKinnon Is a Child-Eating QAnon Witch on Weekend Update

What do you call the Saturday Night Live trope where a wacky character lies unconvincingly, and it’s so funny because it’s so obvious, and that’s kind of the whole joke? I can’t think of another example off the top of my head but I know it in my heart to be a thing. On this week’s Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon gave a hilarious example of it, as Stephanie Green the QAnon member who’s just a normal girl from Ohio who works in an office with coffee and pencils. But really, she’s a fairy-tale witch, prosthetic chin and everything, and she follows QAnon because they keep claiming that celebrities are part of a child-eating global cabal, and she very nakedly wants to know where the child-eaters are at so she can go eat some children. Because she’s a witch. And her house is made of candy. And she likes children of all kinds: “boys, girls, BBQ, cool ranch.” Most of what makes this effective is how much fun McKinnon is having playing this sort of living cartoon of a character, with her quavery voice and hand gestures. But it also really throws into stark relief just how absurd and ludicrous it is that there are huge factions of GOP voters who believe in these sorts of fantastical, downright medieval conspiracy theories. Anyway, even a 400-year-old witch can tell these QAnon people may just be following fake breadcrumbs. She should know. That’s some Hansel and Gretel shit, right there.

Kate McKinnon Is a Baby-Eating QAnon Witch on Weekend Update