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Miley Cyrus Performed ‘The Climb’ at TikTok’s Super Bowl Tailgate

No real pregame football tailgate is complete without three things: Good brews, good buds, and a performance of a song from the Hannah Montana The Movie soundtrack. Although some buff jocks are partial to “Hoedown Throwdown,” a major event calls for a major anthem. As part of the Super Bowl LV TikTok tailgate in Tampa Bay, Miley Cyrus performed her 2009 song “The Climb” in full football glam, for 7,500 cheering (and vaccinated) frontline workers. Billy Idol joined Cyrus onstage for a performance of his classic “White Wedding,” and Joan Jett joined her for a rocking performance of “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Those both go pretty hard, but, c’mon, they’re no “The Climb.”

Miley Cyrus Performed ‘The Climb’ at the Super Bowl Tailgate