stiffy ding dongs

Nick Jonas Loves Getting Hard With His Homies on Saturday Night Live

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was even more musical than usual, probably because the writers built their sketches around host Nick Jonas’s set of melodic skills. In the second-best musical sketch of the evening, Jonas organizes his buddy Mickey’s (Beck Bennett) bachelor party with the ultimate goal of all the dudes having boners in the same room together, as a group. The sketch is about the absurdity of traditionally “masculine” straight male rituals like watching strippers together, but it’s played comically sincere. “I love getting hard with my homies, boned up next to my pals,” Jonas sings in a falsetto. The sketch isn’t subtle with its messaging, the chorus just goes, “boner, boner, boner, boner next to my friends!” Jonas then sings, “getting chubbos with the guys, that was my only plan.” By the end, the group hands-free lifts a table with what Heidi Gardner calls their “stiffy ding dongs.” It’s the lowest form of comedy but the chorus is kind of catchy.

Nick Jonas Loves Getting Hard With His Homies on SNL