Phoebe Bridgers, Rock God, Smashed Her Guitar on SNL Last Night

On last night’s Saturday Night Live, Phoebe Bridgers and Her Good Time Skeleton Band graced the stage as musical guest, bringing with them performances off of last year’s Punisher. In what may have been a highlight of the episode, Bridgers performed the album’s rollicking, maximalist closing track “I Know the End.” The number starts off soft and gentle before building, and building, and building. It crescendoes until Bridgers lets out some primordial shrieks, and the fog machines are all like “pssshhhh” and the horns are all like “waaah,” and the sleepy little Studio 8H stage is jolted to life. Bridgers looks like she’s having the time of her life performing, and she caps it off with a thoroughly rock-god move: overhead smashing her guitar, again and again, on an amp at the edge of the stage. People are already being performatively moralistic and tut-tutty about this on Twitter, to which we say: If you can’t rock out with the skeletons, go back to the crypt.

Watch Phoebe Bridgers, Rock God, Smash Her Guitar on SNL