Regina King on SNL Wants Compensation for the Gorilla Glue Girl

FACT: Ever since Trump was removed from Twitter, there has been enough breathing room on the site for different users to emerge as its “main character,” an unofficial title that passes daily from Bean Dad to Dog Shampoo Guy to Gorilla Glue Girl. FACT: Said Gorilla Glue Girl, 40-year-old Tessica Brown, used extra-strong furniture glue in lieu of hairspray, and had to get it surgically removed. FACT: On Saturday Night Live, host Regina King played lawyer Latrice Commode, who along with her husband (Kenan Thompson) are out to get a class action settlement from Gorilla Glue, because “every day, as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue in place of a beauty product.” Thompson adds, “you should not have to go through life with hair like a Lego man.” They bring out some of their clients, who have had various glue-related cosmetic accidents. Best of all is Cecily Strong, whose Silly Putty injection settled wrong and whose title reads “Butt ruined.” Both Thompson and King really sell this extremely goofy sketch, especially as it goes on and their characters reveal that they believe they’re suing a gorilla who makes glue. King, especially, has some great hair-choreo with that glued-vertical ponytail. The SNL wig department really had a field day with this one.

Regina King on SNL Is Going to Sue Gorilla Glue