Trump’s Acquittal Is the First Order of Business in SNL Cold Open

Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham is back, and he’s jowlier than ever. Last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open saw Alex Moffat star as Tucker “Human White Claw” Carlson, who asked the tough questions like, “Is AOC hiding in your house right now?” and “Pronouns for dogs? Everybody knows they’re boys” before bringing out his guests to discuss Trump’s impeachment trial and subsequent acquittal. McKinnon-as-65-year-old-teacher’s-pet-Graham does an unsettling little victory dance before clarifying that the rioters at the Capitol were actually Eric Trump stans. Aidy Bryant later joins as Ted Cruz, who promptly throws his wife under the bus, and Mikey Day pops up as Trump’s attorney, Bruce Castor, along with Pete Davidson as Michael van der Veen (whose name, of course, is Dutch for “man of the penis”).

Trump’s Acquittal First Order of Business in SNL Cold Open