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Addison Rae Says, Really, It’s ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ Bryce Hall Who’s ‘Obsessed’ With Her (She Just Agrees)

Addison Rae may have slipped up when speaking to Zane Lowe about her new song. Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Addison Rae may be obsessed with herself — as she told the world on recent debut single “Obsessed” — but she doesn’t sound so obsessed with Bryce Hall anymore. The TikTok star turned movie star seemed to let slip in a recent interview that her relationship with fellow TikToker Hall is indeed no more. She told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that the hook of “Obsessed” came from a conversation with “my ex-boyfriend — my boyfriend at the time.” The slip comes after Rae looks to have unfollowed Hall on Instagram amid recent rumors that he cheated on her with adult-film star Dana Wolf on a Vegas getaway. In an Instagram Story at the time, Rae wrote to her followers, “When and if I want to share, I will make that decision.” And who are we to say if referring to an ex-boyfriend in one of the biggest musician interviews an artist can do is part of that decision? (For his part, Hall insisted on Twitter, “I didn’t cheat on addison.”)

Anyway, as for the inspiration for the song itself, Rae spoke about dropping off said (ex-) boyfriend as she went to the recording studio. “He looked at me and was like, ‘I’m obsessed with you.’ And I was like, ‘Me too,’” Rae explained. “And I didn’t really mean that. It was kind of an accident … But he was like, ‘Oh, are you obsessed with yourself?’ And I was like, ‘You know what? I should be.’” Talk about songwriting! And it won’t be too long before we hear more from singer-songwriter Addison Rae — she told Lowe she has two more singles readied that she worked on with producers Benny Blanco and Blake Slatkin. “It’s not something that we’re just putting one out and done,” she said, adding, “We’re working on a project.”

Did Addison Rae Just Call Bryce Hall Her ‘Ex-Boyfriend’?