Attention Cloud 9 Shoppers: America Ferrera Is Returning for Superstore’s Finale

Photo: Casey Durkin/NBC

Yes, but what will her name tag say? America Ferrera is coming back to Superstore for the show’s series finale on March 25, which means her character, Amy, will be trekking back to her old Cloud 9 stomping grounds from her corporate job in California. NBC confirmed Ferrera’s return today without going into further details, only noting that the finale will be a full hour. Ferrera’s departure from Superstore has been going on for about a year at this point: Last February, she announced her plans to depart the show at the fifth season’s conclusion to explore other creative opportunities, only to stick around for a few extra episodes due to production delays brought on by the coronavirus pandemic as well as the new decision to end with season six. As such, Ferrera will now appear in four of the final season’s 15 episodes, proving that the nostalgic power of MC Cool Cloud is way too strong to ignore.

America Ferrera Is Returning for Superstore’s Finale