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Eric Andre and Tiffany Haddish Punk the Populous in the Bad Trip Trailer

Because there’s not a soul left in New York who can’t spot an Eric Andre prank approaching from a mile away, the comedian has unleashed his particular brand of madness on the nation at large in the trailer for his upcoming Netflix film, Bad Trip. In Bad Trip’s loose story framework, Andre and Lil Rel Howery play a couple of down-on-their-luck schmoes who take a road trip from Florida up the Atlantic coast, stopping along the way to bewilder and terrify an unsuspecting public with big prank set pieces in places like a line-dancing bar, a golf course, and a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. Tiffany Haddish plays Howery’s sister who’s out to kill them. As a prank-laden snapshot of America, it’s like Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm without Sacha Baron Cohen’s self-importance. Bad Trip is out on Netflix March 26. Until then, Eric Andre would like to remind you that his OnlyFans is free.

Bad Trip Trailer: Eric Andre Punks the Populous