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The Grammys ‘WAP’ Performance Was Definitely Wet and Wink

Alongside a giant stripper shoe, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion made their debut performance of “WAP” tonight on the Grammys stage. Cardi started off the party, fresh off her performance of “Up,” and then Meg came in hot before they joined on a giant bed and twerked together. Unfortunately, the duo couldn’t actually say many of the lyrics on network television. So what was actually said? According to our translation, one verse went:

I let him mmm / now he diabetic

I don’t wanna spit, I wanna woo! 

I wanna ahh / I wanna [pause]

I want you to touch that, touch that

That swing in the back of my [pause]

It’s poetry. It’s just the clean “WAP” we all expected from the Grammys. It even earned a standing ovation from Posty! Earlier tonight, Meg won her first Grammy for Best New Artist, and on the red carpet, she promised us a hot-girl summer, so things are looking up. Watch the full verse above.

The Grammys ‘WAP’ Performance Was Definitely Wet and Wink