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Chance the Rapper Spits Wise Words in New Single ‘The Heart & the Tongue’

Youth counselor Chancelor the Rapper is in. Chance doles out his best advice in the new single “The Heart & the Tongue,” showing off the lyricism that launched him to stardom. “I want the beat to feel like diegesis / I’m tired of politicians tryna sell us diet Jesus / That’s like dialysis was tryna sell us diabetes / Act like you was born yesterday and you gon’ die a fetus / The mind’s philosophy is old as Thales of Miletus,” he raps, spitting some SAT knowledge at us. In his first time solo directing, he keeps the music video low-key and puts the focus on the lyrics as they flash by. After the celebration that was 2019’s The Big Day, Chance takes it back to just him and the bars. The 27-year-old father of two’s debut album was a wholesome ode to his marriage and family despite the frequent (and accurate) “Wife Guy” comparisons. But being roasted on Twitter is the least of Chance’s issues. Last month, he moved to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him by his former manager, Pat Corcoran, which claims the rapper owes him outstanding fees and criticizes The Big Day. Chance sued for $3 million in response, citing breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, and breach of contract. Listen to Chance the Rapper pull out the sesquipedalian vocab (yeah, we can do it too) above in “The Heart & the Tongue.”

Chance the Rapper’s Back With ‘The Heart & the Tongue’