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Who Said It: Colin Jost in Coming 2 America or Colin Jost in Tom & Jerry?

Photo: Warner Bros./Amazon Prime

We are living in the golden age of streaming cinema. That is, if you are a freak who only wants to see movies with Colin Jost in them. As Saturday Night Live is currently on hiatus, our common need for a dose of Jos(t) has been fulfilled by two new direct-to-streaming releases that inject the lipless wonder himself into classic pre-existing properties. The Jostmaster General pokes fun at his persona, playing a hiring manager in Coming 2 America, and he’s every child’s favorite wacky character — a plain man named Ben — in the new Tom & Jerry. But the question remains: Are you a true Jost-head? Do you know your Jost from your Jost? Take our Jost Quosts Quiz:

Who Said It: Colin Jost or Colin Jost?

We give you a Jost quote. You tell us if it's from Coming 2 America or Tom & Jerry.

“You know, I went to boarding school, so…”
“It’s so great to be back here.”
“What do you think about elephants?”
“He’s had a couple espressos.”
“I was not handed anything.”
“I haven’t seen this many shanks since I was in prison.”
“I was Will Smith’s Aladdin!
“In a way, we’re the elephants. Because we’re never going to forget this wedding.”

Colin Jost Movie Quote Quiz: Jost or Jost?