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Addison Rae Asks for ‘Privacy’ Amid Bryce Hall Cheating Rumors

Photo-Illustration: Vulture, Addison Rae/TikTok and Bryce Hall/TikTok

It’s season two of the teen drama we can’t stop watching. The celebrity teens of TikTok are embroiled in yet another cheating scandal, this time between “bad bleep” Addison Rae Easterling and bad boy Bryce Hall. Addison Rae, 20, asked her 36 million Instagram followers for “privacy” on Wednesday night, as rumors from over the weekend went viral. “Sharing my life with y’all makes me happy, but some things I choose to handle offline,” she wrote on her story. “When and if I want to share, I will make that decision.” The whispers began after 21-year-old Bryce Hall went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas on February 27, because nothing stays in Vegas when a bunch of influencers are involved. On Monday, March 1, drama YouTuber and chaos-bringer KeemStar uploaded a video adding to the allegations with alleged screenshots from 22-year-old model and adult-film star Dana Wolf. He included alleged text messages between Wolf and a friend where she claims she “fucked” Bryce Hall in Vegas. KeemStar reached out to Hall, who denied the allegations. Hall also tweeted a very convincing “I didn’t cheat on Addison” on Monday.

Fans also accused another influencer who was on the trip, Saiviantha (real name Samantha Salvador), of being the other woman. On Instagram Stories Tuesday, she denied hooking up with Hall, explaining that she was with Hall and his friends until about 2 a.m., but “it was a business, networking type of thing.” Right, while He’s All That star Addison Rae is known for making deals, like her clean beauty line, Item, Bryce Hall is known for throwing COVID-19 ragers and getting in fights with wait staff. Trust that as soon as Kris Jenner is done with the Kimye divorce, she’ll handle whatever’s going on here.

Addison Rae Asks for ‘Privacy’ Amid Cheating Rumors