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Gillian Anderson Is Watching the Sun Rise Over Prague Alone

Photo: NBC

Okay fine, Jason Sudeikis giving a bleary-eyed acceptance speech at the Golden Globes in sweats was relatable for those of us who were watching the Globes similarly bleary-eyed and in sweats. But consider for a moment Ms. Gillian Anderson. She is also going through a breakup, and with someone who was actually on tonight’s very fancy Zoom call that was this awards show. She is in maybe the most inconvenient time zone, revealing in her red-carpet interview that she was “alone, in a hotel room, in Prague.” This needs to be the title of her memoir immediately, but that’s a conversation for a less busy day. However, even with all this going on, the woman appeared in full glam, in a gown with a skull on it. Need I remind you she is alone, in a hotel room, in Prague?

That means, when she did her red-carpet interview, it was already well past midnight. At 3:55 a.m. Central European Time (the time zone in Prague that is), she watched her ex-boyfriend Peter Morgan give his acceptance speech for The Crown’s Best Drama win. And for a moment, she probably had to consider that that might end up being what she stayed up all night to do. Then, finally, at the unholy hour of 4:15 a.m. CET, she won a Golden Globe. But at what cost? It’s Monday where she is now, and her week is absolutely ruined. Even if she goes to bed right now — which she probably can’t do because she still has to do her nightly skin-care routine — what could she possibly get? Two, maybe three hours of sleep? Let’s say she’s got some excellent, Hollywood-style sleep aids even. What, is she going to sleep until 4 p.m. Prague time? Hopefully she can get about four to five hours of restless sleep this morning, and then a big pot of coffee to hold her over until around 8 p.m., when it will make sense to sleep again. And in the meantime, Gillian, congratulations and I’m so sorry.

Update March 1, 12:12 a.m.: Gillian Anderson has shared photos of her gown, that reveal she is in fact alone, in Prague, with Stella her dog. While being alone together with a dog is very nice, actually, this does put her circadian rhythms at an even greater risk, because that dog is going to have to go out in like an hour.

Gillian Anderson Is Watching the Sun Rise Over Prague Alone