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Jessica Kirson and Rachel Feinstein Got Rid of the Hecklers for Us

We don’t ask much of people who are appearing on Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well. They need only be two people who are funny and are also, in fact, friends. But Jessica Kirson and Rachel Feinstein decided to do so much more in their episode this week. The comedians logged on initially to chat about their comedy careers, longterm friendship, and the new FX documentary Hysterical, in which they both appear and Kirson produced. But a few commenters had other plans.

It’s the nature of the internet, after all, that there will always be those people in the comments who just can’t be cool. They’re horrified to see something happening that isn’t about them, or maybe they’re in a terrible mood or maybe they just truly have no hobbies, but whatever the reason, they troll. However, these are professional comedians we’re talking about here, so they’re beyond prepared to deal with hecklers. Kirson immediately went to work blocking the few bad apples, while offering these haters a challenge. “I encourage you, if you’re doing this online — you know, when you comment on our YouTube or on our live chats or anything — I encourage you to come to one of my shows, sit right up front, and do exactly what you’re doing,” Kirson said. “Do it in front of me live and see what happens.” Yeah, something tells me they don’t wanna take her up on that.

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Jessica Kirson and Rachel Feinstein Got Rid of the Hecklers