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John Oliver Calls Tucker Carlson a White Supremacist and a Wedge Salad

Last night, John Oliver addressed the elephant (farting) in the room (making it smell like absolute butt): The fact that Tucker Carlson continues to exist on millions of people’s television screens, spewing barely coded white-nationalist talking points and misinformation through a veneer of befuddlement. During the main segment of Last Week Tonight, Oliver charted Carlson’s underwhelming and opportunistic history in broadcast media, including a particularly lame interview with Britney Spears in 2003 (Oliver: “She is the definitional diva of the 2000s … put some respect on her name, and of course, #freebritney”). He also brought to light the ways in which more explicit white supremacists, like David Duke and James Allsup, follow and praise Carlson. Most hilariously, though, Oliver called Carlson the following:

— “A man who gives Tuckers an even worse name than they already have.”
— “You performatively outraged wedge salad.”
— “You relentlessly indignant picket fence.”
— “This humble TV-dinner princeling.”
— “A walking yacht club, scrunching its face up for an hour every night.”

The writers room really freaked it with this one.

John Oliver Calls Tucker Carlson Out as a White Supremacist