Justin Bieber Still Trying to Make Justice (the Idea) Happen on GMA

Photo: ABC

From a chilled-out Tiny Desk to a cease-and-desist to a stacked new single to a controversy over Martin Luther King Jr. features, Justin Bieber’s Justice rollout has continued apace over the past few days. The next logical stop, of course, is Good Morning America, where Bieber and his live band performed the single “Hold On” on March 22. “‘Hold On’ is a message that we all need after a very tough year. It’s about not giving up hope, no matter the odds,” Bieber said ahead of the set, still pretending he didn’t make an entire album of (great!) songs about his wife, Hailey. Still, Bieber rocked the distanced GMA stage, jumping around and playing off his band’s energy. Hold on till Wednesday, March 24, when he returns for another new performance.

Update, March 24: Bieber returned to the GMA stage to perform “Anyone,” another single off Justice. And this time, he skips the justice talk and gets right to business, giving this anthemic track a next-level live adaptation with passion nearly bursting through the screen. That breakdown into the final chorus? That’s justice for this song.

Justin Bieber Tries to Make Justice (the Idea) Happen on GMA