agatha all along

Witch-Disguised-As-an-Actress Kathryn Hahn Has Been Fostering Kittens

Kathryn Hahn offers a model for how all of us should be during the pandemic: Staying off social media, fostering kittens who need a home, and coming into her powers as a witch. That last one might just be her acting on WandaVision, but the first two are completely true. On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Hahn told Meyers that the iTunes chart-topping success of her track “Agatha All Along” is “so bonkers,” and because she’s off social media, the news was filtered down to her while she was “outside, scooping dog crap, scooping cat crap.” Not a glamorous job, but some Hahn’s got to do it. She explained, “my sweet daughter has persuaded my husband and I to foster kittens during the pandemic, which has been so lovely and fulfilling. I will never hear my dryer without litter rattling around in it, but it’s been really, really sweet.” They foster kittens in groups of two or three, with names like Lock, Stock, and Barrel, or Chickpea and Bellflower. The latter kitten “came to us with a prolapsed anus, which we didn’t know until we put it in the car.” Knowing Hahn has been spending this time fostering kittens in need of a home makes us love her even more. And don’t worry; Bellflower’s fine.

Witch-Disguised-As-an-Actress Kathryn Hahn Fosters Kittens