Keanu Reeves’s BRZRKR Headed to Netflix As a Live-Action Film and an Anime Series

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Apparently, even Neo himself needs original IP to get a project made. According to Deadline, Keanu Reeves will star in and produce both a live-action movie and an anime series for Netflix … based on Reeves’s new comic-book series, BRZRKR. The first of the BOOM! Studios’ 12-issue limited series, co-written with Matt Kindt and drawn by Ron Garney, dropped on March 3, and if you thought John Wick tended to be a little grim, hooo boy.

Per Deadline, BRZRKR follows “an immortal warrior’s 80,000-year fight through the ages. The man known only as ‘B’ is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence … even at the sacrifice of his sanity. But after wandering the earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge — working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires — the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence … and how to end it.”

Dang, well, hopefully B doesn’t figure it out right away. We’d like to watch at least a few seasons of that anime series before the government finally catches him up to speed.

Keanu’s BRZRKR Headed to Netflix As Film and Anime Series