Lana Del Rey Romanticizes Roller-Skating in ‘White Dress’ Music Video

Every album cycle, Lana Del Rey picks one or two seemingly recreational activities and chooses to add sultry lyrics and Instagram filters over them. Last time, it was driving on the freeway and surfing for Norman Fucking Rockwell! On Honeymoon, it was swimming. This time, for her new album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, roller-skating was deemed worthy for the Lana treatment: Her latest music video, for “White Dress,” features glamour shots of masked-up models gliding and grabbing takeout. In one shot, Del Rey (or perhaps a model who looks very much like her) glides down an interstate in a white dress; in another, maybe-Lana has a broken arm and skates around a campfire in an empty room. As Vulture critic Craig Jenkins writes, “Lana gets a little better at being Lana every year.” Above, watch the full music video.

Lana Del Rey Romanticizes Roller-Skating in New Music Video