my single is dropping as an nft

Lindsay Lohan Releases Her Comeback Single ‘Lullaby’ As an NFT

Lindsay Lohan, cryptocurrency expert. Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Actress, pop star, and beach-club manager Lindsay Lohan just became even more of an eccentric millionaire. While we were counting the seconds until our stimulus checks hit, Lohan and the rest of the impossibly wealthy were getting into NFTs, unique digital tokens authenticated through blockchain technology and purchased with cryptocurrency. On March 27, Lohan released her first single in a year, “Lullaby,” as an NFT on Fansforever. “Coming straight out from a dream - Lullaby is an exclusive collaboration between Lindsay Lohan and DJ Manuel Riva and is here to send you on a trip down memory lane and experience nostalgia all over again as you glance through the visuals, be prepared to get lost in it for a never before experience,” reads the description. As of writing, the auction, which ends later this week, is at 500,000 TRX, about $32,000. Lohan has a partnership with the Tron blockchain, owned by tech entrepreneur Justin Sun. Sun himself bid 300,000 TRX for Lohan’s NFT. “Tokenization through NFTs can help content creators and musicians actually own the property rights for what they create and allow them to profit accordingly,” Lohan told Forbes in March. “Lullaby” is her first track since “Back to Me” in April 2020. NFT out of your price range? “Lullaby” and a bonus version featuring Ali Lohan are streaming now. It’s no “Xanax,” but it can try.

Lindsay Lohan Drops Her Comeback Single ‘Lullaby’ As an NFT