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Cristin Milioti Discovers the Biggest Dealbreaker Ever In HBO Max’s Made for Love Trailer

In HBO Max’s upcoming dark comedy series Made For Love, based on the novel by author Alissa Nutting, Cristin Milioti stars as Hazel Green, a married woman who goes on the run when she discovers her controlling tech billionaire husband Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen) has implanted a newly-invented chip in her brain. What does the chip do? Make their love better! Oh, and it also allows Byron to track Hazel’s location, see what she sees, and mine her “emotional data.” Boasts Byron, “Our minds will be one.” Who could have known this would be a terrible invention, except every person who has ever been in any kind of relationship, ever?

Either way, that’s a dealbreaker, ladies, and Hazel is forced to flee to her hometown and seek help from her widower father (Ray Romano) with the great pipes and his “synthetic partner,” Diane. HBO Max will release the first three episodes of the show on Thursday, April 1, then three episodes on April 8, and the season’s final two on April 15, so you only have to wait until next week to find out if Made For Love is made for you, or if the chip HBO Max implanted in your brain needs an update.

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Made for Love Trailer: Cristin Milioti Needs Some Time Apart