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Maya Rudolph’s Beyoncé Fully Melts Down on YouTube’s Hot Ones With Sean Evans

If your whole deal is being cool, calm, collected, and sexy, do not go on Hot Ones. Hosted by Sean Evans, it’s a YouTube interview show designed to break down celebrities’ barriers by feeding them extremely spicy chicken wings. Of course, while we would all love to see the actual Beyoncé sit down behind a giant glass of room temperature milk for a chat, she never will. Why? Well, let Maya Rudolph’s Beyoncé demonstrate in Saturday Night Live’s version of Hot Ones, featuring Mikey Day as a surprising convincing Evans.

“Beyoncé’s head is wet. This wing is wrecking me,” the singer gasps, drenched in sweat, before learning the two most important rules of hot sauce consumption: water makes it worse and never, ever touch your eyes. “I know that now, you bald bitch,” Beyoncé shouts.

Even under extreme duress, however, the singer will not take off her wig, put six ice cubes on her head, and then put her wig back on. Literally, Bey’s publicist won’t let her. Warns the singer, “It’s taking all my concentration to keep from blowing out my pants on your janky-ass show.” In the end, Beyoncé’s team destroys all evidence she even deigned to appear on Hot Ones at all, but we know the truth, and Solange is really in trouble now.

Maya Rudolph’s Beyoncé Fully Melts Down on ‘Hot Ones’