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Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage (Remix)’ Performance Is a Dream Come True

Don’t be shy, get up and do that TikTok dance you learned last year. Megan Thee Stallion performed her viral hit “Savage (Remix)” at the Grammys on Sunday, looking like an angel in a white feathered burlesque look. “Tonight is my first time at the Grammys, but it is not my first time entertaining you,” she said before breaking into full choreography. If this is how it starts, you’re gonna want to stick around for the end. She starts rapping after an outfit change, blessing us with the lyrics that got us through a hot ‘rona summer. The whole performance is a guessing game. The Grammys went out of their way to make us believe Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was not going to be performing at the awards show that snubbed her masterpiece Lemonade, but we got our hopes up just before performance time, when Beyoncé and her husband were present to hear if she won Song of the Year for “Black Parade.” (She didn’t.) Thee Stallion initially raps right past Beyoncé verse, but suddenly, unmistakably Beyoncé comes in. When has a Tiffany Pollard GIF been more appropriate? BEYONCÉ?! Nope. Thee Stallion showed off her titanium knees while the record played and the real Beyoncé presumably watched from outside, just as hypnotized as the rest of us.

Later, Beyoncé surprised Megan Thee Stallion onstage as they accepted the Best Rap song award for “Savage (Remix).” “I definitely wanna say thank you to … Beyoncé,” Thee Stallion said in her speech. “If you know me, you have to know that ever since I was little I was like ‘You know what, one day I’mma grow up and be the rap Beyoncé.’ That was definitely my goal. I remember I went to the rodeo for the first time and I saw Destiny’s Child perform and I was like, you know what? Yes. I’m about to go hard.”

Watch Megan Thee Stallion’s Dreamy Grammys Performance