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Meghan McCain Accidentally Made a Great Point About Representation on The View

Okay, before we get into what Meghan McCain said on The View today, let’s just get this out of the way: What is that bump in her hair, what’s in it, and why is it off-center? Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get into Ms. McCain’s nonsense of the day. Senator Tammy Duckworth recently announced that she would vote against future Biden Cabinet picks, given the lack of Asian representation in his executive leadership, until he appointed an Asian American to a senior position. This gave McCain another reason to rail against the “slippery slope” that is “the natural progression of identity politics” — and which, if she may note, “is not what Martin Luther King Jr. preached.” Then, McCain brought her own workplace into it all. “The View is 25 years old next year. We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host on this show,” she said (referring to Lisa Ling, who sat at the table for three seasons, from 1999-2002). “So does that mean that one of us should be leaving at some point because there’s not enough representation? We’re talking about, is identity politics more important than qualifications of a job, and I think that’s a question, going forward, that the progressive left is going to have to reconcile.” On top of it all, this comes just two days after the woman apologized for defending Donald Trump when he called COVID-19 the “China virus.” Cue the deep breath from Whoopi Goldberg (no, really).

We hate to break it to you and her both, but McCain may actually be on to something here — maybe the women who chair The View should actually represent their audience. And it sounds like someone just offered up their spot. Give someone else a whirl in the stylists’ chair, Meghan.

In a moment that can only be described as pure poetry, the episode also featured Joy Behar freezing at one point during a segment, to McCain’s surprise and delight. “Uh-oh,” McCain repeated. “Am I still here?” For now, unfortunately.

Meghan McCain Accidentally Made a Great Point on The View