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Nate Bargatze Is Not Smarter Than a Third Grader in the Trailer for His New Special

Nate Bargatze’s been fooled by a reversible jacket. He can’t sleep with his feet sticking out from under the blankets because of a fake crime show he accidentally caught a glimpse of his parents watching one time, 30 years ago. And helping his daughter with her third-grade homework is proving to be a learning experience for the both of them. (“I learned when to use a or an in a sentence. I thought you felt it out.”) In the above trailer for the comedian’s second Netflix stand-up special, The Greatest Average American, Bargatze makes light of his own haplessness at just about everything that isn’t comedy. Bargatze filmed the COVID-era special outdoors at Universal Studios in October 2020, but the trailer makes the hour-long special look more intimate than the setting would suggest. Netflix describes The Greatest Average American as being about “being part of the Oregon Trail generation, meeting his wife while working at Applebee’s, and the hilariously relatable moments of being a father and husband.” It premieres March 18 on Netflix, so you can totally watch it indoors.

Nate Bargatze Is Not Smarter Than a Third Grader